SoftBeyond presents QuickXML 1.26      , a brand new XML editing tool with loaded unique features
and a brand new way of viewing/editing the XML documents for only
$35.  It also supports all the
languages' encoding
, such as Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, German,
Thai, Cyrillic ...etc.  The following are some highlights:
XML document can be edit/view by tree control, text control and IE browser (only viewing).
Create multiple XML Elements, text, ... in one single dialog.
Support unicoded document, and all the languages encodings .
Automatically generate DTD entries.
Support Namespace.
Easy navigating with Find on particular criteria, and bookmarks setting
A Filter view helps grouping certain entries in the document.
Multiple tree entries can be selected for cut/copy/paste/delete and drag-&-drop.
XML, DTD, XSD, and XSL files can be opened and parsed, and many more ...
CalcProg: A scientific programmable calculator
CalcMort: A mortgage calculator
SoftBeyond is a company that dedicated to create more useful, reliable and user-friendly
software to accelarate your work.
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Discover a new generation of XML editor! Why pay more for software with lots of unneeded
features and awkward user interface!
QuickXML 1.26 now is available for a 30-day free trial. Download it to find out how to take
advantage of the QuickXML's unique features.